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Trout Tips: How Much Fish Per Person?

How much trout do I need?

When catching or buying trout, you want to make sure you have enough to feed everyone. How much fish you need depends on what form it comes in. Is it a whole fish? …or are you dealing in fillets?

At MacFeegle Farm, you’re probably getting your trout fresh and whole.

For a whole fish, the general advice is to plan on at least 1-pound per person. 

How much is 1-pound of fish?

Seasoned fishermen and fisherwomen will know this, but there is an easy way to estimate the weight of a fish without a set of scales…

Measure it.


That’s right! To estimate the weight of a fish, all you need to do is measure it from mouth to tail. It’s a pretty handy trick if you’re out catching your own or trying to point out which fish you want at a market.

1-pound of rainbow trout will be about 14 inches.

How do I measure a fish without a ruler?

Excellent question. Here’s a pro tip for life (it works for fish, and just about anything else you need to measure on the go!)

Start by spreading your hand wide:

  • The distance from the tip of your pinky finger to the tip of your thumb is about 9 inches.
  • The distance from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your index finger is about 6 inches.

To measure your fish:

  • Spread your first hand wide, from pinky to thumb (9 inches)
  • Place your other hand next to the first, spread from thumb to index finger (6 inches).

Tadaa! That’s 15 inches, a little more than a 1-pound of rainbow trout.

For those looking for a bigger catch, the length of a 2-pound/2-serving rainbow trout will be just under 18 inches. That’s both your hands spread wide from pinkies to thumbs.

It’s as simple as that.

You’re now ready to go out into the wild to catch your own trout, confident you’ll have the right amount for your supper.

Happy fishing!


– MacFeegle Farm


P.S. If you’re curious about length-to-weight ratios in other fish species, the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation sums it up quite nicely.



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